Zagreb signs the Green Digital Charter

Zagreb signs the Green Digital Charter

The city of Zagreb signed our Green Digital Charter during our networking event on 29 November 2011, committing to use ICT as a driver for improving energy efficiency, and raising the total number of signatories to 24.

Milan Bandić, Mayor of Zagreb, formally signed in October 2011.

During the local ceremony he stated: “Global warming and climate change are inevitable difficulties with which the world, every state and every city faces today. The actual condition requires rapid and effective responses to local and national levels, but also the close cooperation and synergy in the international level. The Green Digital Charter is evidence with which the European cities have expressed a strong desire for cooperation in dealing with the consequences of climate change by introducing  ICT, not only as a tool to increase energy efficiency and sustainable development of cities, but also as a tool for reducing CO2 emissions. The City ofZagrebis proud to be part of this initiative which proves its strategic orientation and the primary goals of energy policy, and which, together with other European cities, recognize the importance of applying new technologies and exchange of experiences in public and private sectors.”

Organised by the Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency (NiCE) project at the European Parliament in Brussels, under the patronage of Oldřich Vlasák MEP, the event was an ideal opportunity to confirm the commitment at European level.

Marijan Maras, head of Zagreb’s office of energy, environment and sustainable development, stepped in for the mayor by symbolically signing in front of representatives of the European institutions and other signatories.

NiCE event

Participants also exchanged on using ICT for energy efficiency, learning from two signatory cities already implementing the charter commitments: Barbara Janke, leader of Bristol City Council, premiered ‘Green and digital – future city’, a video recorded by the Covenant of Mayors on how green digital technologies contribute to energy savings, while Miguel Angel Camara Botia, Mayor of Murcia, explained the different activities implemented by Murcia and the active role in promoting the charter in Spain.


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Download the documents from the event: 2011.11.29 – NiCE networking lunch