The Green Digital Charter collaborates with a new EU funded project! is the European support action in the field of energy & environmental efficiency in ICT. It is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme and it aims to create an independent information & services hub for organisations in Europe.

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The use of ICT is currently responsible for 8-10% of the EU’s electricity consumption and up to 4% of its carbon emissions. With a wise energy and environmental efficiency strategy, the ICT sector can save around 15% of global emissions in 2020, mainly through sectors like transport, energy, industry and buildings. It is urgent that energy efficiency measures are applied in order to counterbalance the expected growth in ICT: will strive to contribute to this goal.

Methodologies are already available to stakeholders but their visibility and workability must be improved, and they do not provide, in a simple and usable form, the information and the resources to perform carbon footprint calculations: will address this aspect, by developing a high-usability online platform., in its 36-month workplan, will deliver a platform with online services in the field of energy & environmental efficiency: These services will include practical information related to energy and carbon footprint methodologies and indicators, advisory services to green procurement, and one-on-one help desk services.

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