The GuiDanCe activities aim to support GDC signatory cities in implementing their commitments. On 21 January, the Green Digital Charter contact point presented some of its planned activities to the EUROCITIES knowledge society forum, taking place in Brussels.


A new text

The Green Digital Charter initiative has the aim to be a live document that adapts to contemporary developments and in particular to the impact of information and communication technologies on the lives and needs of citizens.

The updated Green Digital Charter commits cities to working together to deliver on the EU’s objective of expanding the use of digital technologies in a way that improves the life of their citizens and addresses the challenges of growth, sustainability and resilience.

At the same time, the GDC  wants to reflect the main policy and technology developments taking place at local, national and international level.

Funding, training and networkingwrite

EUROCITIES and the GDC contact point will continue to provide information on EU funding opportunities and will organise annual brokerage events dedicated to the subject of smart cities. Further connections with the European Investment Bank will also be made, in an attempt to establish loan schemes supporting ICT and smart city solutions.

On-site trainings and online webinars are being planned throughout 2016 and 2017. The topics will reflect the challenges faced by the signatory cities: drafting digital strategies, developing urban platforms and defining key performance indicators, standards and metrics.

Work shadowing events will pair up cities that face similar challenges but are at different stages of implementation. These events will aim to improve the implementation of local ICT and smart city-related policies.

Finally, the GuiDanCe project will continue to update and inspire cities on the best practices of the other signatories (collections of case studies, online toolkit, roadshow and Green Digital Charter Award).


The Green Digital Charter will continue to work with the existing initiatives and relevant stakeholders and projects which bring added value to the training and networking opportunities offered by the GuiDanCe project.

These include:

  • the Urban Platform initiative, the European Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities and Communities and the new integrated Covenant of Mayors
  • the EU-funded CITYkeys project, which defines key performance indicators and data collection procedures for the common and transparent monitoring of smart city solutions
  • the recently started ICT project, which aims to raise awareness in a consolidated manner at European level on metrics, methodologies and best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT sector in order to facilitate their broad deployment and uptake
  • the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement initiative
  • the European standardisation organisation CEN-CENELEC.


See the presentation to the KSF forum.