Valencia-SpainThe Councillor responsible for the Environment and Sustainable Development on the Valencia City Council, Mª Àngels Ramón-Llin, has announced that a Municipal Plenary Session has approved an adhesion agreement to the European initiative, Green Digital Charter, promoted by the network of EUROCITIES to encourage local actions geared towards innovation and excellence in the area of CITs applied to energy efficiency. The adhesion process has been handled and co-ordinated by Fundación InnDEA from Valencia.

Mª Àngels Ramón-Llin has shown her satisfaction at the fact that Valencia is becoming part of the Green Digital Charter because, according to her comments, “nowadays, this initiative is acknowledged on a public-private scale, and European experts consider it as a benchmark in the field”.

The Councillor has explained that Valencia “ as a smart and sustainable city, is becoming part of this European proposal, in which our city regains a position on the leading edge of European cities committed to the challenge against climate change, and goes a step further in our commitment with the environment and quality of life of the citizens of Valencia

At the same time, Ramón-Llin has pointed out that one of the requirements for becoming part of the initiative is to be currently carrying out projects related to CITs and energy efficiency, “something which Valencia, as a consolidated Smart City, has been doing for some years now, with projects such as commitment to advanced remote management systems, such as the water treatment and supply networks, the implementation of smart meters for drinkable water, or the implementation of electronic administration”.

All of this, will enable our city to “offer new ideas and initiatives that will enrich the group of around 30 European cities making up the Green Digital Charter”, the politician has added.

Green Digital Charter has the support of GuiDanCe, a Horizon 2020 EU funded project that will help cities work on their Green Digital Charter commitments for the next three years.

Mª Àngels Ramón-Llin has highlighted that forming part of this European initiative is “very important for many reasons”, among which she points out that Green Digital Charter “is a project backed by the European Commission as part of its policy of Smart Cities; that the CITs applied to energy efficiency are contributing directly to the 20-20-20 targets, or that the cities who sign up are the main beneficiaries of the activities, principally concerning the exchange of good practices, carried out in the GuiDanCe project”.