© Thierry Monasse/EurocitiesThree more major European cities have expressed their commitment to fight climate change by using information and communication technologies (ICT). City leaders from Gdynia (Poland), Riga (Latvia) and Sunderland (UK) signed in Brussels on Tuesday 08 October the Green Digital Charter which commits cities to reducing emissions through ICT and to promoting progress in tackling climate change through the innovative use of digital technologies in cities.

The number of cities that have signed the Green Digital Charter goes up to 40, ten of which are capital cities.

During the signing event, the chairman of Gdynia City Council, Stanislaw Szwabski, said:

“During the last 10 years, the city of Gdynia has developed and is implementing a clear strategic plan that will create a durable, socially accepted and ecologically safe city development. Signing of the Green Digital Charter is a clear statement of our commitment to use ICT towards this vision.”

Mayor of Riga, Nils Usakovs, said:

“The City of Riga has set ambitious targets for its citizens and the environment. We work closely with the European Commission, our representation in Brussels and Riga Energy Agency as well as with major European and regional city networks for the improvement of our citizens’ quality of life. Green Digital Charter will yield many opportunities to do precisely this!”

Leader of Sunderland, Cllr Paul Watson said:

“Sunderland has a longstanding commitment to managing carbon emissions and as a city at the forefront of digital developments, we’re committed to using ICT as a tool to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

As a growing centre for low carbon software companies and the first in the UK to offer wall to wall superfast broadband, we are working with IBM as their first UK Smarter City. We believe cities like Sunderland are well placed to play a significant role in finding innovative solutions to dealing with climate change. Signing the Green Digital Charter is an important step along the way to achieving future smart sustainability for our city.”