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Sustainable Urban Mobility

  • Electromobility aims to advance integrated solutions for electric mobility and their integration in smart cities.
  • New Mobility Services help to better integrate and manage urban transport and contribute to the development of collective systems for seamless multi-modal mobility (door-to-door) based on ITC.

Integrated Infrastructures and Processes

  • Humble Lamppost aims to aggregate demand and achieve a large scale EU smart lighting solutions deployment.
  • Urban Platforms accelerate the adoption of urban platforms across EU cities, specifically to serve 300 million European citizens with urban platforms in their cities by 2025.

Citizen Focus

Business Models

Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation

  • From Planning to Implementation aims to share and tap knowledge during the realisation phase of Smart City strategies through the implementation of Smart City activities.
  • Tools for Decision Making and Benchmarking is focused on the identification of needs for decision makers taking the decision to enter a smart and sustainable program, city or community.
  • Six Nations Forum accelerates the take up of smart sustainable city solutions through supporting a more conducive environment for all stakeholders, it has  established a Smart City Forum. It comprises a limited number of leading EU nations, represented by the lead Dept(s)/Agency(ies) that steer the smart city and/or sustainable urban agenda.