The city of Tampere and eight other municipalities in its region participate in the Green Digital Charter (GDC), a EUROCITIES initiative promoting progress in tackling climate change through the innovative use of digital technologies in cities. The Tampere Central Region is committed to carrying out five pilot projects based on information and communications technology (ICT) and aligned with the Charter’s themes over the next five years. The aim of these and other actions is to reduce the direct carbon footprint of the ICT sector by 30% over the next ten years.

Mayor Anna-Kaisa Ikonen signed the GDC on 18 October on the sidelines of EUROCITIES’ mobility and knowledge society forums meeting at Tampere Hall. The signing was also attended by Mary-Ann Schreurs, Deputy Mayor of Eindhoven and chair of the EUROCITIES knowledge society forum. The city of Tampere agreed to the terms and principles of the Charter on 26 September. The Tampere region municipalities included in the data administration co-operation have also subscribed to the Green Digital Charter.


“Our objective is that in 2025 the people of Tampere would mainly use digital services. Once the services are user-friendly and work smoothly, they make our lives easier and cut unnecessary red tape, use of time, energy consumption and traffic,” said Mayor Anna-Kaisa Ikonen at the signing event.

One example she cited was Tampere’s intention to replace existing street lighting with LED lights. This project is expected to reduce the city’s electricity consumption by up to 30% by 2020, and by an estimated 60% in the longer run.

Tampere aims to include sustainable development in all its practices to deliver benefits to the local community and the business sector. The city also encourages actions to prevent social exclusion.  To this end, it intends to create an environment for open innovation; enhance citizens’ participation through the use of digital technologies; and strengthen cooperation with the European Network of Living Labs.

Tampere is one of Finland’s six cities that are members of the EUROCITIES network. In 2009, Tampere signed and committed to the goals of the EUROCITIES declaration on climate change. This document and the GDC intend to promote sustainable development, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions with ICT solutions.

The underlying purpose of EUROCITIES is to improve the quality of life of the residents of its member cities by facilitating cooperation and networking, encouraging knowledge sharing, and jointly influencing the EU’s relevant policies and practices.