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Urban_EU_China_Logo_English_RGBURBAN-EU-CHINA is proud to present its report on Matching Cities, right now exclusively here on If you are interested in sustainable urbanisation, EU-China collaboration and city-to-city cooperation, this is a must read for you!

The Cooperation Plans and Guidelines report outlines the results of joint activities between European and Chinese cities. It talks about the process of selecting, facilitating and documenting the matching of European and Chinese cities and how they create joint urban sustainability projects. It includes guidelines for cooperation and alignment between matched cities, as well as inspiration for new initiatives.

To view and/or download the report, please press here!

banner_mov15_060_BE_03The Green Digital Charter (GDC) was presented in the smart cities sub-forum of the EU-China urbanisation partnership that took place in Brussels on the 29th of June.

The presentation focused on the positive effects that networking of cities can bring. Exchange of knowledge, creation of synergies and economies of scale, easier replicability of solutions and creation of trust is some of the advantages.

The Green Digital Charter has proposed the creation of a Chinese network of cities that will act as the Chinese counterpart of GDC. Two independent networks working together!

The programme of the forum can be found here

The GDC presentation can be downloaded here

More information about the GDC in

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banner_mov15_060_BE_03The 2015 edition of the EU-China urbanisation partnership forum will take place on 29 June at the European Commission’s Headquarters, the Berlaymont building in Brussels. The registration for the event has opened and more details can be found in

The event is structured around two axes:

  1. A half day Plenary Session in the afternoon, including a 45-minute highlight at which EU and China leaders are expected to attend
  2. High-level thematic conferences in the morning, dealing with:
    1. Smart Cities
    2. Sustainable Urban Mobility
    3. Climate Change and Covenant of Mayors
    4. EU-China Forum on Sustainable Cities


The speed and scale of urban development in China is a phenomenon unprecedented in human history. On 12 January 2012, China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced that the Chinese urbanisation level crossed the highly symbolic 50% threshold during the previous year. This mega-trend is far from over: according to some estimates, 350 million people will be added to China’s urban population by 2030.

This is both a major challenge and a unique opportunity, echoing the strategic objectives of economic rebalancing and a more qualitative, smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Managing the challenges of urbanisation is a key task if we move towards a “green growth” strategy, stressing the importance of efficient use of resources and protection of the environment while ensuring economic growth.

Prolonging Shanghai Expo’s “Better City Better Life” spirit for the years to come, the China-EU partnership on Sustainable Urbanisation offers a natural framework for concerted actions.

The central event of the Partnership is the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership Forum. It takes place back-to-back to the EU-China Summit, this year on 29 June at the European Commission’s Headquarters, the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

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eu-china_iconsIt has been officially announced: High-level delegations, cities, industry and stakeholders from EU and China will meet in Brussels on the 29th June.

This day, as part of the EU-China summit, the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership forum will take place. This will be in the afternoon while in the morning of the same day, the 29th , the European Commission will be organizing a sub forum with focus on EU-China “Smart Cities”. More sub-fora for “Sustainable cities” and “Sustainable mobility” will be organised in parallel.

In a few days more information and the opening of the registration will be announced.

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