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zagreb-2015Every year the City of Zagreb, under the auspices of the Mayor Milan Bandić and by way of the City Office for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and in cooperation with numerous partners, organizes the Zagreb Energy Week.The event is now held for six years in a row, under the message „Development we don’t want to stop, but pollution we can! “, and this, the 6. Zagreb Energy Week shall be held from May 11th to May 16th, 2015.

This message that we have been successfully spreading for six years already calls upon us to act together in assuring sustainable development of cities and preserving natural resources for all future generations. Rational use of energy, use of new green technologies and renewable energy sources are important tools and drivers of economic development, job creation and brighter prospects of our young generations.

Many bodies play an important role in the Zagreb Energy Week: Croatian ministries, representatives of local and regional self-government, educational and scientific institutions, the University of Zagreb, expert associations of craftsmen and entrepreneurs, architects’ association and the chamber of architects, construction, mechanical and electrical engineers, energy and development Agencies, media representatives, civil society associations and expert associations as well as many other local and international partners and associations.

We especially emphasize our International conference entitled “Joint implementation of the EU energy policy leading to energy security and sustainable development of urban areas“ which shall be held on May 13th and May 14th 2015. The conference shall feature presentations given by our many international as well as local partners. Some of other more important events feature the traditional Croatian Covenant of Mayors Club event which presents an opportunity for the cities to share experiences and learn from the successful examples of other cities.It is also important to mention the Seminar for Supporting Structures which is held within the framework of the project Mayors in Action and will allow the participants to expand their knowledge on the solutions and opportunities offered by the Covenant of Mayors Office, especially as concerns the Sustainable Energy Action Plans and reports thereon.

Aside from these events, the Zagreb Energy Week shall also take a closer look into what our schools are doing as part of the project EURONET50/50MAX and see the results obtained by the measures for energy saving being implemented through the project.

The seminar “Efficient and Sustainable Urban Mobility” shall provide more information on the project Ele.C.Tra (Electric Transport in Cities) which states that it is possible to reduce pollution due to passenger transports and improve quality life by promoting a new urban sustainable mobility models, as well as introduce the project CEGC Central European Green Corridors which aims at deploying infrastructure in Central Europe making driving of all vehicles with an electric power train a viable alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The traditional ending of the Zagreb Energy Week will be held at the central city square on Saturday, May 16th, 2015 with an EE Info Day and will include presentations of economic subjects, scientific and educational institutions, entrepreneurs, civil society associations, ECO kindergartens and schools active in the field of energy efficiency measures, renewable energy sources, ecologically acceptable fuels and protection of the environment.

In cooperation with many prominent lecturers and experts, the Zagreb Energy Week is a chance for all interested persons, active in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and ecologically acceptable fuels, to present innovative projects and interact with the participants as well as an ideal opportunity to promote rational use of energy on local, regional, national and international levels. It is also a great opportunity for the general public to get in contact with the experts and find out more about the issues of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

We hope to see you at our 6. Zagreb energy week!

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The NiCE project and the Green Digital Charter have been presented during the international conference “Local and Regional Authorities in the Process of Sustainable Energy Development” organised by the City of Zagreb on 16 May 2012 in the context of the 3rd Zagreb Energy Week.

Mayor Bandic, Zagreb Energy Week



Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb launched the conference: “The City of Zagreb administration is determined to actively implement the planned measures and processes energy for sustainable development to achieve the vision, ‘the City of Zagreb – a city of sustainable development’, in collaboration with all relevant entities in the country and abroad. The organization of our third Zagreb Energy Week revealed a high degree of mutual understanding and cooperation of all stakeholders in an effort to present our citizens together real problems and solutions and capabilities to ensure a better future for our children.”



At the conference, panelists have presented new initiatives and projects at national and international levels in which the city of Zagreb is actively involved. Amendments to legislation, possibilities of economic development and the role of local and regional governments in the process of sustainable energy development of theRepublicofCroatiahave also been presented by national and local institutions and stakeholders.

Among the various projects presented, EUROCITIES introduced the Green Digital Charter and NiCE project, highlighting the importance of the initiative and benefits for cities following the tools developed by the project and remarking the active role and involvement of the City of Zagreb. This was the occasion to present the other projects and initiatives for Energy Efficiency in which EUROCITIES is involved: the Cascade project and the Covenant of Mayors.

Download: Presentation “EUROCITIES and Energy Efficiency – NiCE and the GDC, Cascade and the Covenant of Mayors”

Visit the conference website to download and view all the presentations and pictures.






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