sustainableplaces-logo_date_webSustainable Places 2014 builds on the successful “ICT for Sustainable Places” conference held in Nice in September 2013.

It will focus on energy efficiency at buildingdistrict and city levels. The event will be composed of:

  • the 2nd EC DG CONNECT workshop on eeBuilding Key Performance Indicators
  • the EuropIA.14 colloquia on Architecture and City Design
  • presentations & workshops on innovative business models, technologies, modeling and monitoring for sustainable buildings, districts and cities

Sustainable Places 2014 will enable to access up-to-date information, assess outcomes from the most advanced research & innovation projects, discuss possible synergies, and envision possible standards evolution.

It will be a key opportunity for delegates to meet and network with high quality keynote speakers from CSTBCEAArupIntel and CalCon), as well as with architects, building designers, energy consultants, urban planners, etc.  An attendance of around 200 participants, coming from Europe and other regions of the world, is projected. Register and benefit from the Early Bird rate at: