This event is sponsored by EUROCITIES.

Next 25-26 April 2018, London is hosting ‘Europe’s only city-centric event for citizen-centric smart cities’: the seventh edition of the ‘Smart to Future Cities’ summit. Practical and scalable applications improve citizens’ quality of life and local government’s efficiency. For cities with a smart vision, the need for alternative procurement, effective partnership models and innovative but economical technology solutions is more important than ever.

Cities’ delegates from all across Europe and the world will gather during this two-days conference. Civil servants within a local or central government organisation are able to attend the event for free. Please email Georgie Beer ( to register.

Post-Brexit: how cities keep cooperating

On 26 April (11:50), Nikolaos Kontinakis, senior project coordinator on smart cities, will inject EUROCITIES’ vision in a panel discussion dedicated to ‘the fate of the UK’s smart cities and their European collaborators in post-Brexit landscape’.

Right in the aftermath of the UK referendum’s results in favour of the Brexit in June 2016, Johana Rolland, mayor of Nantes and EUROCITIES’ rotating president at the time declared that “the EU can be revived if we look to our cities. We, EUROCITIES, will continue cooperating with large British cities.” [Read the reactions from EUROCITIES’ members on Express]

Cities beyond borders of the European Union territory are already part of EUROCITIES network: Reykjavik and Bergen are ‘full members’ of the network and many cities across Turkey, Ukraine and even Moscow are benefiting from their status of ‘associate member’ to attend physical events or access online resources, knowledge being open across national borders.

Full conference agenda available here.

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