Skopje becomes first non-EU city to sign the Green Digital Charter, which promotes the use of ICT for energy efficiency.
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Koce Trajanovski, mayor of Skopje, signed the Green Digital Charter (GDC) on 13 October. By signing up to the charter, the city makes a strategic commitment to cooperate with other European cities on improving energy efficiency and combatting climate change through ICT.

Skopje became the first non-EU city to sign, joining 47 other GDC signatories. The signature comes after a decision by the Skopje city assembly.

The signature means that Skopje commits to: support and promote the green network of connected cities that are using energy-efficient ICT solutions; develop a common standard for the collection, comparison and analysis of greenhouse gas and other energy data within the city; and apply innovations in ICT to public and other city transport, buildings and public lighting systems. This network of connected cities is important for the economic, social and environment wellbeing of all citizens.

Upon signing, Koce Trajanovski, mayor of Skopje, said: “The city of Skopje became the 48th city in Europe that signed the Green Digital Charter and the first city that signed the charter from the Western Balkans cities. By signing the charter, the city of Skopje undertakes, through cooperation with other city signatories, the greater use of information and communication technologies in order to take action to protect the environment and to increase energy efficiency.