• Country: Austria
  • Population: 1,706,113
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Rudolf Schicker, former Exec. Councillor
    successor: Sandra Frauenberger, Exec. Councillor
  • Website:

City Introduction

Sustainability is a main concern of all departments of the Vienna City Administration – ranging from state-of-the-art waste management and ground-breaking green electricity projects to programmes for reducing noise pollution. The EcoBusinessPlan service package promotes energy efficiency and environmentally friendly business models in enterprises.

Over half of Vienna’s area is green, thus improving the air quality and providing room for recreation and sports. Yet, by 2035, Vienna’s population is expected to rise to 2 million, according to population forecasts. Therefore, urban development focuses increasingly on available inner-city areas in order to preserve valuable green spaces. Vienna has an excellent traffic and transport network as well as one of the largest shares of public transport in its overall traffic volume in Europe.

The city seeks to further consolidate this top position by 2020 and is therefore focusing on rapidly expanding the urban public transport services and the network of cycle routes as well as building a new main railway station, expanding the airport, and investing in the waterways.

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region adopted in 2011 promotes the transformation of the entire area into a macro-region, the Danube region. In this strategy Vienna has several important roles to play.