• Country: Italy
  • Population: 270,000
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Gianfranco Bettin, Councillor for Environment and sustainable city and for Computerisation and digital city
  • Website:

City Introduction

Venice is a city in the North of Italy; one of the most visited cities in the world. Situated on the Venetian mainland and the lagoon, Venice is a unique city due to its morphology. A cosmopolitan city, today Venice has 270,000 residents and can be rightly considered one of the world’s leading cultural destinations. It is dedicated to art in all its forms with its numerous museums, majestic palaces and monuments.

The city urban structure has been deeply transformed in recent years. Significant protection and environmental recovery works have been carried out. The city has led innovative policies for integration and social sustainability.

The present city government has made a clear commitment to creating a green society based on a green economy to support urban, economic and social policies which increase energy efficiency, use clean energy and enhance the historical, natural and environmental heritage of the lagoon and its mainland.

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