Tilburg city profile
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Population: 212,929
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Berend de Vries
  • Website: www.tilburg.nl

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City introduction

Tilburg is a city with a rich industrial heritage. The development of the city into its current state is narrowly intertwined with the textile industry and social/political activism (socialism). The last 10 years of the city can be described as a tremendous step towards modernisation of the city in relation to sustainable building and growth. Being a city with a tremendous amount of industrial heritage and old public buildings it is a challenge to ensure that these become energy neutral. For the upcoming years, we will develop and implement green IT solutions for our: lightning grid, mobility infrastructure, greening of buildings.

An energy-neutral city (by 2045)

Signing the Green Digital Charter, in line with Tilburg’s IT and Smart City ambitions, is a means for Tilburg to work towards the actual realisation of IT greening pilot projects. Making IT infrastructure energy neutral is vital to achieve a climate neutral city by 2045.

Green IT is part of a wider ambition. Tilburg strives to green IT solutions because they contribute to our energy neutral city iof 2045 and circular economy ambitions.

Tilburg prides itself for being a social innovative city. Future initiative and plans include:

  • a pilot for smart IT and districts, contributing to a reduced energy output and marginal IT energy usage
  • a smart grid that implements IT monitoring systems
  • linkage of energy-saving measures with other cities to extrapolate energy-saving data

More information on Tilburg’s contribution to the smart city (energy) strategy at the national level can be found at https://www.tilburg.nl/actueel/nieuws/item/smart-city-strategie/


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Tilburg 51.558500, 5.083080 TilburgGDC signatory since 2017Contact: robert.kint@tilburg.nlhttps://www.tilburg.nl/