Tampere night-snow
  • Country: Finland
  • Population: 225,485
  • Politician Who Signed: Mrs. Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Mayor
  • Website: www.smarttampere.fi

City Introduction

Main Contact

  • Contact: Elias Kärki – IT Manager
  • Email:  Elias.Karki[at]tampere.fi

City Introduction

Tampere is the second-largest urban area and third Finnish city in terms of inhabitants, after Helsinki and Espoo. Located between two lakes, far from large markets, Tampere is nevertheless a great centre for innovation, chosen for research and product development by companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Nokia.

Above all, Tampere is renowned for being a forerunner of open innovation platforms. The city has been chsoen as leading coordinator of the national Innovative Cities Program set up by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy for the period 2014-2020.

Tampere can count on a strong ICT cluster: in a city with 200,000 inhabitants, the mobile industry alone employs more than 6,000 engineers. Collaboration between the universities and the business sector has led to a unique co-creative and collaborative atmosphere in the local innovation environment.

Tampere’s New Factory is a 1100 square-meters ‘co-creation’ space where initiatives such as Demola and Protomo were generated. The Open Tampere programme was launched in 2012, and will last until 2018.

Read more about the ‘innovation story of Tampere‘ by clicking here.


The ‘Smart Tampere’ programme (2017-2021)

The city of Tampere follows the objective to decrease its carbon footprint by means of ICT and digitalization. ICT function has been organised jointly within the nine municipalities in the Tampere area. Devices and services have been standardised , resulting in a decreased energy-consumption and improved recyclability.


The new economic policy, the ‘Smart Tampere’ programme, brings together businesses, universities, organisations, citizens, the city government and other important parties. Development of digitalisation is made possible by making the knowledge of challenges that citizens face in their daily lives. In addition to the traditional role of procuress, the city can act as a “testing ground”, can bring the rights parties to work together, or enable new solutions through city planning.


7 pillars of ‘Smart Tampere’
Smart Health
Smart Education and know-how
Smart Industry
Smart Building
Smart Infrastructure
Smart Mobility
Smart Government and Citizen


Tampere is involved in other EU projects and programmes :
  • Read Tampere’s Covenant of Mayors case-study (go to page)
  • Tampere took part in elaborating the CITYkeys performance measurement framework for smart cities > http://citykeys-project.eu/
  • SPICE (Support for Innovative transport and mobility in City Environment) is a Horizon2020-funded project for smart public procurement for sustainable transport and mobility solutions > http://spice-project.eu