• Country: Iceland (Population: 323.000)
  • Population of Reykjavik: 130.000
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Mrs. Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, Mayor
  • Current Mayor: Mr. Dagur B. Eggertsson
  • Website:






Main contact

  • Contact: Mr. Óskar J. Sandholt, Director of Service and Operation
  • Email: ojs[at]

Background information

  • Iceland is ranked number 3 on the ITU/ICT development index with 94% of households connected to the Internet
  • Icelanders are a highly ICT literate population with 72% of the population on social media
  • Iceland has a data and information culture having developed a citizen driven information society (IS), where each citizen is tagged at birth (or in the case of an organization at registration) with a unique 10-digit ID number. This number records and drives (in real time) all interactions and transactions with public and private organizations, including a person’s financial, medical, education profile and its logs membership to various organizations (public and private). All regions in Iceland run their administration on the ID number system that makes cross regional analysis and comparisons efficient, effective and current.

Reykjavik aims to create an open, democratic and seamless system of governance, lowering transactino costs, increasing tranpsarency and creating a more robust public consensus on policy actions combining the views and interests of stakeholders. Reykjavik is committed to a programme of initiatives to improve governance (transparency, participatory democracy, easy access to information and evidence-based decision-making, cyber-security)  and sustainable urban development (transports, urban regeneration, green spaces etc.).


Projects highlights

With the E-ReBetter-Reykjavik-logoykjavik project, the city is changing how citizens interact with the municipality (applications, workflowss, communications, services and processes), while Better Reykjavik online forum invites citizens to become active participants in creating and modifying the infrastructure of their community.

Better Reykjavik has been awarded as runner-up of the 2016 edition of the Green Digital Charter (GDC) Awards in the category “Citizen participation & impact on society”.

Reykjavik is currently introducing a commercial business intelligence platform based on open data to improve decision models and support data scrutinity and transparency. Reykjavik is now at a technological readiness level where business intelligence is being further integrated into the administrative structure. As more data are now “born digital”, the QLICK project intends to create an integrated system of governance always anchored to data, information and evidence.


Priorities and areas of work

  • Reykjavik is upgrading/retroffiting its infrastructure to SMART and energy-efficient street-lightening system
  • Reykjavik is committed to a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and is investing to encourage and facilitates multi-modal transport choices
  • Reykjavik is focusing on developing its data governance framework and processes
  • Reykjavik is involved in research (e-government/e-governance ; SUMP ; EV infrastructure; cyber-security, nature-based solutions in urban spaces, aging-related research in a smart context)
  • Reykjavik supports to support social innovation, cultural diversity and the environment