• Country: Czech Republic
  • Population: 1 250 500
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: No
  • Politician who signed: Mr. Tomáš Hudeček, former Mayor of Prague
  • Curent Mayor: Mrs. Adriana Krnáčová
  • Website:

City Introduction

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. City with rich history, culture, industry as well as achievements in science, sport and other areas. Prague is one of the world’s top tourist destinations and it´s center is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. At the same time, however, it wants to be a living, influential, dynamic and competitive metropolis, on par with the most developed cities in Europe. To achieve this, Prague requires first-rate urban and strategic planning. In 2013 it has begun re-working all of the key strategic and urban-planning documents in order to prepare a coherent and interrelated planning framework.

One of the key objectives of Prague’s Strategic plan, currently being updated, is becoming an important Central European innovation hub. Therefore, Prague is currently implementing a Smart Cities concept and projects. Additionally, Prague is aware of increasingly important role of modern technologies, effective public transport and issue of global warming. To efficiently tackle this trend, Prague has signed the Green Digital Charter and devoted one chapter of new Strategic Plan to environmental issues.

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Related Initiatives

The City decided to sign the GDC because its goals are in accordance with the long-term development plans of Prague. They believe, it is also a great tool for creating the framework for cooperation within Prague´s key stakeholders, the public and the international partners.

To implement the commitments, Prague plans to include the key stakeholders within the City (City institutions, academic, non-governmental and private sectors) in order to create organizational, technical and financial conditions for the implementation of projects/activities in accordance with the GDC goals, subsequently to monitor their benefits and include these activities in conceptual documents and development plans of the city.

  • ICT: building of a data center, virtualization, using smart phone technology, use of geographic information systems and modeling tools, etc.
  • Environment and Energy: review of territorial energy concepts, energy efficiency of buildings and their classification, promotion of renewable energy, etc.
  • Transport: promoting and development of public transport, cycling and walking promotion, supporting electro mobility, wheelchair accessibility, etc.