• Country: Italy
  • Population: 970,400
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Tommaso Sodano, Deputy Mayor
  • Website:

City Introduction

Buildings, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the sea, as well as natural caves and places impregnated with mystery and mysticism, all of which makes Naples unforgettable in the minds of all. No only natural stages, but places symbolic of the city, an integral part of its history, of mythology and the legends that have touched it.

Naples aims to become a smart city, so that it can achieve the objectives of SEAP and improve over time. through ICT and human capital is to act on the mobility sector for innovative public transport and investing in the construction of a virtual dimension of their cultural heritage and traditions, restoring the network as a “common good” for use by all; a place of continuous learning, creating conditions to promote cohesion and social inclusion, eliminating barriers to full accessibility for all.

Main Contact

  • Contact: Mariacristina Roscia, Engineer – environment department
  • Email:

Related Initiatives

  • Naples participated in the first calls on the smart city of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education and Research. The involvement of all stakeholders is very strong and has lead to the design of 13 proposals. 4 winning projects, on issues of info-mobility and tourism, water control in terms of safety and economy, green energy for car sharing, bike sharing.
  • Further projects are being implemented that are intelligent lighting, the adoption of electric cars, sustainable mobility.
  • A small pilot project has been experienced in the city cemetery, where each votive light and area of the cemetery itself are controlled automatically.