•  Country: Sweden
  • Population: 533 000
  • Politician Who Signed: Anneli Hulthén, Mayor
  • Website:

City Introduction

Gothenburg is the core and growth engine of the Gothenburg region and Region Västra Götaland. It is home to a variety of strong industries and Scandivia´s largest port.

Gothenburg is a port city with a strategic location between Oslo and Copenhagen. It has a population of around 533,000 and is Sweden’s second largest city. The Gothenburg region, which spans 13 municipalities in Greater Gothenburg, has a population of 1.1 million.

Gothenburg is growing dramatically at the moment and is preparing to make space for almost 700 000 residents by the year 2035 – that is 150 000 more than today. This also means that Gothenburg is evolving. New houses are being built, and new residential areas and city districts are emerging on land previously used for industrial purposes. New roads, bridges, cycle paths and expended public transport are needed. Gothenburg is heading to become a green and close city.

Gothenburg wants to be a forerunner in environmental and urban development and one of the world’s most progressive cities when it comes to addressing climate and environmental problems. The Green Digital Charter is one of the city’s many efforts to reduce carbon emission in line with their ambitious Climate programme and Digital Development programme.

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Related Initiatives

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  2. Gothenburg ambitious climate and environment programme
  3. The city’s E-services.
  4. #greenhackgbg helps citizens to a greener lifestyle.
  5. Get a Life. A game with the purpose of discussing consumption choices and to understand the impact these have on the environment.
  6. Min Stad (My City)Citizen of  Gothenburg  have the possibility to create their own city according to dreams, needs or interests. Min Stad is a 3D map which gives the chance to see Gothenburg from a realistic perspective.
  7. ElectriCity – electrically driven bus with an indoor bus stop.
  8. Solkartan (the solar map) provides useful information for anyone considering installing solar photovoltaic or solar panels.
  9. Information about the charging stations for electric cars.