• Country: Belgium
  • Population: 246,719
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Daniël Termont, Mayor
  • Website:

City Introduction

Since the middle-ages Ghent evolved from a rich city in a feudal setting to a vibrant cultural and economical hub in Flanders with approximately 250.000 inhabitants nowadays.

The three towers still define its skyline, and keep the city firmly in touch with its historical roots. Drenched in history as it is, it never prevented Ghent from becoming a modern urban community, constantly looking for effective ways of addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The City of Ghent is founder of the Ghent Climate Network to which many local stakeholders signed up ( The City of Ghent has signed the European Covenant of Mayors. Ghent wants to define whether and how a 50% CO2-reduction is possible in 2030, but also when CO2-neutrality will be an option (2050?). Therefore Ghent is currently developing a suitable approach and instruments in order to define a long term vision and transition agenda.

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