• Country:Poland
  • Population:247,000
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed:Mr Stanisław Szwabski, The Chairman of the City Council City of Gdynia
  • Website:

City Introduction

Gdynia is a city situated on the Baltic Sea coast in the Pomeranian region. It is a young city, as it received the city rights in 1926, with a current population of about 250,000, which is a part of 1 million agglomeration together with Gdańsk (450,000) and other smaller cities. Today Gdynia is an important centre of maritime economy (port, shipyards), international trade, science and academic education, culture and tourism. The city authorities are committed to pursuing the priorities set out in the Gdynia Development Strategy designed to meet the strategic goal, which is to achieve sustainable, socially acceptable to help the city meet European standards.

The Gdynia City Energy Policy was written down in the project entitled ‘Assumptions for the Plan of Supply Heat, Electric Energy and Gas Fuels for the City of Gdynia’, and approved by Gdynia City Council in the 27th February 2013.

Gdynia signed up to the ‘Covenant of Mayors’ (CoM) initiative in 2011. Its main aim is to undertake actions that will exceed the 20-20-20 EU energy targets and the ‘Sustainable Energy Action Plan’ (SEAP) was adopted on 26th September 2012.

Main Contact

  • Contact: Joanna Leman, Foreign Relations Department Manager
  • Email:

Related Initiatives

1. The City of Gdynia is currently coordinating a partner project called TRISTAR, which is supposed to revolutionize the road traffic within Tri-City conurbation. Special screens will inform drivers on the road traffic, the expected time to get to certain points in Tri-City and free parking space. The ones installed next to the bus stops will display virtual departure time, whereas the road signs will warn of weather conditions and related speed limits;

2.  E-municipality – we developing on pages E-Virtual Office solution Government Official (, to help residents and businesses torn up by the official jargon and settlement of many issues without a personal visit to the office – we save a time, paper and fuels of residential;

3. Trolley – Gdynia, based on its wide experience, will develop the economically best diesel to trolleybus conversion techniques. On the basis of an analysis of the rolling stock in Gdynia and a subsequent comparative study on technical and operational readiness and energy saving potentials of other CE fleets a handbook on bus conversion. These project outputs will result in increased competitive conditions of trolleybus systems for other trolleybus operators, in particular in Central Europe and will be the knowhow for those who are thinking of introducing trolleybuses;

4. City of Gdynia with other municipalities, companies and universities will develop the group purchase electricity with energy efficiency audit;

5. Low Carbon Data Network (Lo-Da-Net) a part of Sustainable Energy Action Plan. We will have constantly view on energy usage in public sector, private and business.