• Country: Italy
  • Population: 380,000
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Osvaldo Panaro, CEO
  • Website:

City Introduction

Bologna is the seventh largest city in Italy as far as the number of inhabitants is concerned (almost 400,000), and sixth in economic importance. The metropolitan area of Bologna (more than 900,000 inhabitants) ranks second after Milan. Important features of Bologna are its high level of economic development and extensive pre-school, educational, social, cultural and sport services.

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Related Initiatives

The Municipality works actively towards the goal of urban sustainability.

In December of 2007 was approved the new Urban Energy Programme with an Urban Energy Action plan discussed in a public forum. The New Energy Plan defines homogeneous city’s areas (BEU) for energetic, urban and environmental characteristics, performance standard: building\block energy and environmental indicators, like energy efficiency class (kWh/sqm) and application of a set of specific performance standards in each BEU to bring a reduction of greenhouses emission in each new urban area identified in the new Urban Plan (PSC).

Currently, Bologna Municipality is approving its Municipal Structural Plan, the structural urban planning tool defined by regional laws. It is valid for the mid-long term (around fifteen years) and lays down the general aims that are then interpreted by the Municipal Operative Plan, which however has a term of five years and by Urban Building Regulations. The three instruments are in the process of being developed in an integrated form  and formulate structural urban aims for the form and development of the city that protects its physical, environmental and cultural integrity.

The Municipal Structural Plan bases the feasibility of its forecasts on an environmental and territorial sustainability assessment (VALSAT) which considers the environmental impact of proposed actions, associating them with views and considerations about the form that the new city will gradually assume.

The Municipality is also actively involved in action of ‘green ICT’ with the aim to assess and reduce its energy consumption.