• Country: The Netherlands
  • Population: 731,289
  • Member of Covenant of Mayors?: Yes
  • Politician Who Signed: Job Cohen, Lord Mayor
  • Website:


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City Introduction

Amsterdam is the capital, and biggest municipality in terms of population, in the Netherlands. Long know for its canals, cafés and cycling culture, Amsterdam also become known as a model of ‘smart city’, utilising information and communication technologies to improve city services.

In April 2016, Amsterdam was awarded Europe’s Capital of Innovation, an initiative from the European Commission awarding €950,000 to help the city to scale up innovation efforts to improve the way people live and businesses work.

Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City is the innovation platform of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It challenges companies, citizens, the municipality and knowledge institutions to submit and apply innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to urban challenges.

The aim of the ‘Amsterdam Smart City’ initiative is sustainable economic growth, efficient use of natural resources and a high quality of life. Areas of interest for developping projects, ideas and new business models are smart housing, open data, smart grids, home energy storage, connectivity and smart mobility.

‘Amsterdam Smart City’ is a unique partnership between businesses, authorities, research institutions and the people of Amsterdam. The city’s residents have a central role in all projects and initiatives, so that ideas and solutions for the city are truly created together. In the years of its existence, Amsterdam Smart City has grown to be a platform with other 100 partners active in more than 70 innovating projects.

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