GDCsymbol_RGBThe moment for the announcement of the first Green Digital Charter awards (2013, is approaching.

During the 3rd NiCE roadshow in Amsterdam (14-15 November, the winner cities will be known.

The awards were created in an effort to further motivate cities use the NiCE toolkit ( and share knowledge with other signatories. Under this scheme, cities have been asked to:

  • Describe tools that they have used and projects that they have designed or implemented
  • Assess their own progress
  • Measure their ICT direct carbon footprint

Based on the received applications, the shortlisted cities are:

  • Best effort in ICT carbon footprint reduction: Linkoping (Sweden)
  • Best GDC pilot project: Bristol (UK), Genoa (Italy)
  • Best set of GDC pilot projects: Bristol (UK)