In ‘Review my city’s progress’, cities can answer questions to assess their status on green and digital activities.  These are activities which are EITHER making ICT more green OR using ICT to be more green (where ‘green’ is environmental/sustainability related).

According to the cities at the training session in January 2013, this tool has great potential.  One of the biggest questions cities are asking themselves, is ‘how well are we doing?’  A set of self assessment questions which can be answered over a period of time is very useful in tracking progress, particularly when city admins have a high turnover of staff.

Agreed changes to this tool at the city training therefore were

  • to create individual (personal) logins rather than city logins, so people can track who has answered which question.
  • provide a chronology of answers
  • to reduce the number of questions (23 seems overwhelming) or at least to group them

Any other comments?