GuiDanCe resources:

In order to assist the Green Digital Charter signatories to move from the objectives and declarations of intent contained in the Charter towards concrete measures and actions, the GuiDanCe project builds on the NiCE series of successful publications and supporting material:

  • Project deliverables
    download here the main project deliverables, including new best practice publications, training material and monitoring reports


For more up to date information about green digital activities please visit the News and Events section.

NiCE resources:

The NiCE project has developed extensive support activities.

Alongside the Toolkit, which is the main tool for cities to implement their green digital activities, NiCE has developed an additional set of support documents.

  • Green Digital Charter infopack
    download here the information and dissemination material about NiCE and the Green Digital Charter (available in 6 languages).
  • Documents from events
    click here to view and download the presentations and other documentations of events NiCE took part to or organised
  • Project deliverables
    download here the main project deliverables, including the Action Framework and roadmaps to the Toolkit
  • Library
    download here the fiches developed by the NiCE project on current funding opportunities for green digital measures in cities and all related policy documents