Already a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors, member of the EUROCITIES knowledge society forum and in the process of designing a smart city local agenda, Rennes Metropole decided it was time to sign the Green Digital Charter.

Rennes Metropole has become the fifth French cities to sign the Green Digital Charter, the initiative commiting cities to reducing CO2 emissions through the use of ICT solutions.

Rennes Metropole’s path towards sustainability began in 2009 when the metropole and the 33 cities within its metropolitan area signed up to the Covenant of Mayors. This strong commitment to becoming a sustainable territory has been further strenghtened by a renewed sustainabile energy action plan that will mobilise the cities together within the context of COP 21.

In November 2014, the French deputy minister for the digital economy awarded Rennes ‘Metropole French Tech’ certification, showing recognition of both the current dynamic digital ecosystem and its potential for international growth.

Rennes Metropole has begun developing a smart city approach which is based on a number of projects addressing energy efficiency or open and connected city challenges. Nevertheless, up until now, the administration has not been able to develop projects that truly combine ICT and energy efficiency.

These reflections by the city have been fuelled by its involvement in the EUROCITIES smart cities working group and the knowledge society forum. Signing up to the GDC will encourage the municipality to develop more ‘ICT for green’ projects and actions to fulfil its smart city agenda.

On signing, Emmanuel Couet, president of Rennes Métropole, said: “Signing this Green Digital Charter is proof of our commitment, together with major European Cities, to implement a new, more ecological and digital Rennes Metropole”.

Picture credit: D. Gouray – Ville de Rennes/Rennes Métropole