REMOURBAN is an EU funded Smart City project – with Nottingham (UK), Valladolid (Spain) and Tepebasi (Turkey) at its focus. The goal of the project is to develop a sustainable urban regeneration model that involves a set of concrete measures to help cities increase their resource and energy efficiency, improve the sustainability of their urban transport, and drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Here, you can find the website of the project REMOURBAN:

The REMOURBAN Lighthouse project, which started almost four years ago, has produced some useful documents that could be of interest for your own smart city strategy and implementation. Those documents cover areas such as retrofitting (i.e. Energysprong / Integrated Retrofitting of Homes), e-mobility (i.e. Charging Management Device / Last Mile Delivery), and energy (i.e Optimisation of Existing District Heating and Cooling / Low Temperature District Heating, BIPV, Storage and Smart Grid Management).

In case one or more Information packs are interesting to you (need for further information, Expression of Interest, further discussions required, potential cooperation, potential partnership) please do not hesitate to contact the organisation and persons responsible for this respective information packs.

You can find the information packs here:

Please find among the documents:

– a list of thematic areas

– the project brochure