Green Digital Charter Toolkit

To support the fulfillment of cities’ commitments to the Green Digital Charter, the NiCE project developed a set of tools to support cities in the implementation and reporting of their green digital activities.

The so called “Toolkit” is the main supporting mechanism for cities in the roll-out of Green Digital Charter and is formed by three main parts as described in the table below.


Green Digital Charter Toolkit

Green Digital Action Framework

This framework provides guidance for cities on how to identify and initiate green digital activities

Green Digital Charter Reporting Tools

This set of tools provide cities with monitoring instruments to assess progress on green digital activities

  • Green-Digital Charter self-assessment tool for cities to identify their baseline and monitor their progress in reference to the Charter commitments
  • Charter-Covenant reporting tool facilitating the framing of cities’ activities in the field of green digital both under the Green Digital Charter and the Covenant of Mayors
  • ICT carbon footprint reporting tool to help cities monitor the carbon emissions generated by their ICT equipment

Action Tools Catalogue

This online interactive catalogue supports the identification, exchange and development of green digital activities in cities
 The Toolkit is accessible online at

It is a platform where cities are able to browse and share project and tools, exchange with each other and monitor their status in the GDC implementation. The Toolkit was also deployed to signatory cities through training events during the NiCE project.