Study tours

In contrast to the technical trainings, which focused on capacity building, and the roadshows, which focused on visibility, study tours were peer learning activities between cities.

Study tours are essentially knowledge transfer schemes which offer the possibility for site visitors to interact with key local stakeholders and see how projects are implemented in reality. NiCE facilitated a series of study tours amongst signatory cities to showcase successful practices in the field of ICT for energy efficiency. (More information on eligibility.)

The study tours were offered to small groups of 5-15 persons with a common learning interest. The programme would typically run over 1-2 days and included short presentations, site visits and demonstrations, opportunities for testing technologies and peer-to-peer discussions with experts from the host city.

Four study tours were organised:

  • The first one in Vienna on 5-6 December 2013 with the participation of representatives from 8 cities
  • The second one in Birmingham on 27-28 February 2014 with the participation of representatives from 6 cities
  • The third one in Murcia on 05-06 May 2014 with the participation of representatives from 6 cities
  • The fourth and last one in Linkoping on 09 May 2014 with the participation of representatives from 3 cities

A Study Tour Resource Pack was created consolidating information on the green digital measures cities would like to promote, aimed at facilitating on-site knowledge transfer between cities implementing green ICT initiatives. In order to support the organisation of study tours, the resource pack was divided into two parts:

I) Green Digital study tours catalogue – Information for visitors
, which provides information for potential visitors, including some guidelines and a catalogue of study tour offers from hosting cities.

Download the catalogue here

II) Green Digital Study Tours – Information for hosts, providing guidelines for hosts, including some suggestions on how to organise successful study tours.

Download the hosts pack here