In contrast to the study tours, which focused on peer-learning, and technical trainings, which focused on capacity building, roadshows are visibility and networking events.

The purpose of green digital roadshows was to increase the visibility of the Green Digital Charter and to enable the fostering of partnerships between signatory cities, European Institutions and other relevant stakeholders.


A total of three roadshows are hosted by three different Charter signatory cities, on the following themes:

    • Energy and technology 
    • Green Digital Charter and EU policy/funding
    • Public-private cooperation on Green Digital Charter commitments

Highlighting different aspects of the Charter goals, the roadshows present case studies of excellence, following a common format: a showcase relevant to the theme followed by a series of sessions based on key related themes.

The hosting cities, which are selected following a call open to all Charter signatories, will develop the roadshow in cooperation with a range of different cooperation partners, including the project consortium, relevant industry stakeholders, consortia involved in Smart Cities networks and other EU projects on energy and technology.

Roadshows’ webpages

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