Advisory groups

Activities developed under the NiCE project were guided by two different advisory groups:

Reference Cities Group

The Reference Cities Group provided feedback during the initial development phase of the toolkit actualised under the NiCE project (see Project activities).

Their aim was to provide a balanced city response, taking into account the differing needs of cities at different stages of implementation of their green digital policies and differing levels of expertise in the area.

The Reference Cities Group was made up of five European cities (not necessarily Charter signatories) and one Chinese city:

Expert Advisory Board

The Expert Advisory Board was a group of five experts who lent their competences and knowledge in complementary technical, scientific, and business backgrounds to the furthering of NiCE’s project activities.

Their mandate was to provide strategic advice on the overall project approach and methodology; comment on the quality of project deliverables; offer specific expertise on key issues addressed by the project; contribute as experts to technical training events and visibility events; and support the project’s dissemination activities.

The following members made up the Expert Advisory Board: