Project activities


The NiCE project was structured around three key activities, which correspond to the three project objectives. These activities provided services and support to Green Digital Charter signatory cities.


The NiCE project has developed a toolkit, provided support, and engaged in outreach activities. These outputs were developed in a collaborative process of evaluation and feedback with a group of reference cities and the Expert Advisory Board.


The graphic on the side visualises the NiCE project activities.



1. Green Digital Charter Toolkit (Objective 1)

The Toolkit is the main supporting mechanism for cities in the roll-out of their green digital activities.

It provides a set of application guidelines and framework, and action and monitoring tools.

2. Support to Cities (Objective 2)

The Green Digital Charter contact point provides assistance to cities in implementing the Green Digital Charter and using the Toolkit. The contact point also handles requests for information and support concerning the Charter from signatory cities, potential signatories and other actors.

A series of targeted exchange and learning activities were organised throughout the project: study tours which are essentially peer learning and exchange exercises for cities, and technical trainings, for capacity building from experts in the field.

3. Outreach (Objective 3)

The third component of NiCE’s activities focused on increasing the visibility of signatories commitments, also in view of fostering partnerships with similar initiatives and stakeholders.

Visibility activities include the organisation of three roadshows, which are visibility and networking events.

The outreach towards other related initiatives includes, among other activities, cooperation with the Covenant of Mayors and the creation of a network of Chinese cities working in the field of green digital.