The NiCE project aimed to support the fulfillment of the Green Digital Charter commitments.

In particular it aimed:

1. To create a foundation for action under the Green Digital Charter and a structure for monitoring these actions that is easily replicable by

  • developing an action framework of effective approaches for green ICT in cities, which enables the shaping of targeted policy recommendations
  • compiling reporting tools to allow cities to monitor and report on their progress, and integrating this into the Covenant of Mayor’s reporting process
  • delivering an integrated set of action tools that will offer practical assistance to cities for implementing their Charter commitments


2. To transfer the monitoring and implementation framework to cities and deliver practical support for the achievement of Charter commitments by

  • establishing a central Charter contact point that handles enquiries, compiles information resources and channels communication with signatory cities
  • raising the profile of signatory cities by publicly supporting them in reporting on achievements, particularly on the integration of ICT aspects into their Covenant of Mayors reporting;
  • developing a plan for continued promotion and exploitation of NiCE outcomes and the Green Digital Charter beyond the duration of the project

3. To double the number of Green Digital Charter signatory cities, facilitate exchange with similar initiatives in China, and engage with key stakeholders to be involved as implementation partners by

  • carrying out a coordinated set of promotion and visibility activities targeted at potential signatory cities
  • engaging with the international Smart Cities community, and in particular developing a network with Chinese cities and their partners through collaboration with the city of Yantai
  • establishing and showcasing strategic cooperation with stakeholder communities from research and industry, and with related EU policy initiatives, including contributions to the Covenant of Mayors annual events
  • developing an interactive Green Digital Charter web portal through which all stakeholders can easily access and exchange information related to the Charter