Benefits for cities

Although not part of the project consortium, the current and future signatories of the Green Digital Charter were the main target group of the NiCE project.

The project used various activities and resources towards supporting and exchanging with cities.

Generally, all cities and their implementation partners were able to

  • Profit of the ongoing support through the Green Digital Charter contact point, which handles requests for information concerning the Charter, the signatory cities, the NiCE project and the planned activities
  • Take part to the project learning activities: the technical trainings and study tours
  • Network at the visibility and outreach oriented events, the green digital roadshows

Furthermore, cities were and are able to enjoy of additional benefits according to their status. Here below a detailed list of additional benefits signatories and all other cities.

Signatory cities

Cities that had already signed the Green Digital Charter – the so-called ‘signatory cities’ – received primary support from the project, including:

  • Visibility

To increase the awareness of the Green Digital Charter at local, national and European level, many activities of the NiCE project focused on promoting the actions of signatory cities towards the Charter commitments.

This was done through the dedicated cities pages on the website, by facilitating the participation of cities to high-level events and recommending signatories representatives as speakers at international conferences.

Cities also had the possibility to showcase their green digital activities to other signatories and external stakeholders by offering and organising study tours and hosting one of the three Green Digital charter roadshows.

  • Toolkit

Green Digital Charter signatories have access to the Toolkit that NiCE has produced to support the implementation of the Green Digital Charter.

  • Costs reimbursement

The project allocated the reimbursement €600 for the travel and accommodation of 1 person per city to the learning events organised under the project. These included the NiCE technical trainings and study tours.

Three signatory cities were selected through an open procedure published on the Charter website to host the Green Digital Charter roadshows, and have benefited from €5000 towards the cost of organising it.

All cities

Although not able to receive financial support, other cities still had access to a range of activities.

Non-signatories were able to attend all project activitiestechnical trainings, roadshows, study tours and other networking events – although at their own expense.

Additionally, the tools developed as part of the Green Digital Charter Toolkit are openly available to them upon request.