Technical training activities

By and large, cities are on track to meeting their GDC commitments, although a few challenges remain. These can be grouped in three main categories: (i) funding, (ii) governance and (iii) data, standards and interoperability.

The GuiDanCe project is working closely with the signatory cities to look at these challenges and shape its future activities accordingly.

On-site trainings and online webinars were held throughout 2016, 2017 and early 2018, reflecting the challenges faced by the signatory cities. Work shadowing events paired up cities that face similar challenges, but are at different stages of implementation.

Online trainings

Our past webinars:

Work shadowing events

Work shadowing visits enabled selected cities to observe how projects are implemented elsewhere and get ideas for new working methods.

30-31 May 2017 : Oulu and Reykjavik visit Edinburgh

30 January 2018 : Bratislava finds inspiration on citizen participation in Reykjavik


For further information: Work Shadowing visits – A practical guide

  • Annex A: Work shadowing visit application form
  • Annex B: Final agenda of the work shadowing visit
  • Annex C: Work shadowing visit fiche
  • Annex D: Study Tour Feedback Report – VISITOR
  • Annex E: Study Tour Feedback Report – HOST
  • Annex F: Expense claim form for work shadowing visit hosts and visitors

On-site trainings

Based on the GDC results, and building in particular on feedback during the compilation of the GDC implementation monitoring report concerning implementation barriers and challenges, a series of technical training events were designed and delivered.

Parallel workshops organised during GuiDanCe two roadshows events in Brussels (Cities in Transition on 25 January 2017 and Imagine the Urban Future on 23 January 2018) also intended to tackle challenges and priorities identified by signatory cities.