Project activities


GuiDanCe will continue working on the tools and services that NiCE developed and tested to support the coordination of cities’ GDC activities based on the following main three concepts:

GUIDANCE proposal

Strengthening GDC

GDC text update

The Green Digital Charter was created in 2009 and took its current form in 2011. Thus, it does not reflect the policy and technological trends of the last 2-3 years. The updated GDC text aims at reflecting these changes and bring GDC closer to the structure and objectives of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) and related European initiatives in the area of ICT and smart cities.

GDC contact point and Synergies with stakeholders

The GDC contact point, operated by EUROCITIES, supports signatory cities, potential signatory cities and external stakeholders in working with the GDC and GuiDanCe. It also promotes links and synergies with major relevant initiatives, projects and stakeholders.

Deepening GDC

Green Digital Charter monitoring reports

The Green Digital Charter monitoring reports are intended to provide an overview of the signatory cities’ progress towards their Green Digital Charter commitments. The process helps all stakeholders to monitor the progress of the GDC signatory cities towards a green digital agenda. It focuses on the impact and results that the GDC has on the signatory cities.

The first Green Digital Charter monitoring report has been published in February 2016. A second monitoring report is currently being drafted.

Technical training activities

City needs and challenges identified during the GDC implementation monitoring reporting process are helping to build a set of training activities, which will complement and develop the expertise and skills of the cities’ politicians and practitioners. The trainings are divided in ‘On-site training’, ‘Work shadowing’ and ‘Online training’.

Communicating GDC

The GuiDanCe project communicates the Green Digital Charter and showcases the best examples of the project as well as those of the GDC signatory cities. In addition to use the GDC website and participate in external events at European and international level, GuiDanCe further promotes the achievements of the signatory cities through videos (YouTube), infographics, twitter, collections of case studies, the organisation of roadshows and GDC awards.

All three annual collections of GDC case-studies can be found at