The Green Digital Charter is a EUROCITIES response, initiated by Clicks and Links Ltd and the City of Manchester, as part of a ‘Greenshift’ initiative. It has been realised through the work of the EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum (KSF) Working Group on ICT for Energy Efficiency, led by the City of Manchester. It was built on ICT enabled sustainability initiatives like “Smart 2020” with Global e-sustainability initiative and the Climate Group, and “ICT4EE” with the European Commission.

FGDC&NiCE_RGBrom September 2011 to May 2014, the European Commission awarded the FP7-NiCE project grant to provide a platform for action based on the Green Digital Charter.

Since March 2015 and for three years, the aim of the Horizon 2020 GuiDanCe project is “to provide GuiDanCe and support cities’ activities towards their Green Digital Charter commitments”.



Following the first five years of promoting and working with the Green Digital Charter as well as the conclusion of NiCE project, GuiDanCe is built on the outcomes of NiCE and addresses the identified challenges that need to be further tackled.