On 20 May 2016, a webinar focusing on the project development assistance (PDA) under Horizon 2020 will be held between 10 and 11 am. It will be followed by a live Q&A via Twitter.

More details on how to connect are provided in the EASME News.





The Energy Efficiency call for proposals of the European programme Horizon 2020 supports the implementation of the EU’s energy and climate policies. In this context, funding is available for proposals addressing finance for sustainable energy, i.e. investments in energy efficiency and renewables, and, in particular, project development assistance.

Project development assistance:

The aim is to help public or private organisations to build technical, economic and legal expertise needed for project development and to design innovative solutions which can serve as showcases for further projects in the EU. PDA projects:

  • Support the development of investments in energy efficiency and renewables;
  • Can fund all steps necessary to launch an investment, e.g.:
    • Feasibility studies,
    • Technical specifications,
    • Procurement procedures,
    • Business plans and financial engineering,
    • Stakeholder and community mobilisation etc.;
  • Should trigger investments of at least EUR 15 million for every million EURO of Horizon 2020 support;
  • Can cover various sectors:
    • Existing public and private buildings,
    • Street lighting,
    • Retrofitting of existing district heating/cooling,
    • Energy efficiency in urban transport,
    • Energy efficiency in industry and services;
  • Can be proposed by 1 public or private entity (single country applications are eligible), e.g.:
    • Public authorities or their groupings;
    • Private/public infrastructure operators and bodies,
    • Estate managers,
    • Energy service companies;
    • Retail chains, services, industry.

You can find examples of such projects here: http://bit.ly/1WlzUFg.

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2016.

The Energy Efficiency call for proposals of 15 September 2016 also covers the following areas: Consumers, Buildings, Heating & Cooling, Industry & Products.