praguePress Release

Prague is joining the Green Digital Charter initiative by European cities with the aim of using information technology to improve the environment

This past July, Prague City Council approved the city’s accession to the EUROCITIES initiative entitled the Green Digital Charter. The ceremonial signing of the Charter took place today along with a professional seminar at the Prague Mayor’s Residence.

The Green Digital Charter ( is an initiative by the member cities of EUROCITIES. This organisation brings together over 130 European cities and Prague has been a member since 1993. The Charter emphasises the role of cities and cooperation among them in implementing goals based on the priorities and policies of the EU in areas such as the use of information and communications technology (ICT), energy efficiency, quality of the environment and climate protection. The signatories commit to cooperate and realise activities to fulfil the goals of the Charter.

“Prague must have its own vision of which direction to head in the future while maintaining contact with other major cities in Europe and the world. Cooperation and mutual inspiration are certainly needed in the field of modern technology as well. For Prague, information technology need not only mean inherited problems that need to be dealt with, but also new challenges in how to use technology to serve the environment and save energy. These are the challenges that the other signatories of the Green Digital Charter are dealing with,” Prague Mayor Tomáš Hudeček said on the city’s decision.

Forty-two cities have joined the Charter since 2009 (e.g. Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Manchester, Helsinki, Stockholm and others). Prague City Council approved the city’s accession with Resolution No. 1783 of 29 July 2014. With its signature of the Charter, Prague is declaring its intention to take steps in pursuit of its goals. It is also confirming its ambitions to hold an important position on the international scene and its will to cooperate and share experiences with other cities.

Prague, 25 September 2014