On Wednesday 30 March, we gave the floor to experts in the field of standards and interoperability.

Nikolaos Kontinakis (EUROCITIES) welcomed all participants and gave an update on the Green Digital Charter and GuiDanCe project (see his presentation).

know_future_connectingChristophe Colinet, from Bordeaux metropole and Chair of EUROCITIES working group on standards & interoperability, spoke about the state of the art on the development of common standards and provided insightful information about interoperability and standardisation issues (see his presentation).

Bart de Lathouwer, ESPRESSO project coordinator and responsible for planning and managing interoperability initiatives at OGC Europe, presented the ESPRESSO project and stressed that stakeholders’ inputs are key to develop a “Conceptual Smart City Information Framework” (see his presentation). He invited cities and experts to join the SmaCStak-Network and contribute to the project’s outcomes.

Finally, John Ketchell, ANEC representative, introduced the CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Cities and Communities Co-ordination Group and explained the importance of strengthening awareness and collaboration around standardisation work (see his presentation).

Play the recording of the webinar on GDC YouTube channel : https://youtu.be/NM2SUngQwjI.

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