2013-06-18 09 48 43Oulu became the 36th signatory of our Green Digital Charter, committing to tackling climate change through smart ICT

Matti Pennanen, mayor of Oulu, signed our Green Digital Charter during our knowledge society forum (KSF) summer meeting in Oulu on 17-19 June 2013.

By signing our Green Digital Charter, cities commit to work together to reach the EU climate goals through knowledge and experience sharing and ICT. It promotes progress in tackling climate change through technological innovation.

Oulu became the 36th signatory of the charter.

At the conference of the forum, Oulu explained that they are an ‘Arctic Smart city’. The city is focusing both on the industrial developments and climate challenges of the northern hemisphere. By committing to our Green Digital Charter, Oulu is making a sustainable contribution to the economic and technological demands of the artic region.

Visit www.greendigitalcharter.eu to find out more about our Green Digital Charter and our NiCE project, which supports the charter’s goals and implementation.