logo_OpenChina_final_webNovember 5, 2013
Radisson BLU Lietuva Hotel
Vilnius, Lithuania
Conference flyer

The project Final Conference is taking place at a crucial time for the development of new instruments for EU-China cooperation including collaboration in science, technology and innovation (through the launch of the new EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation). Within this context, one of the main highlight of the conference will be the formulation of a EU-China ICT Cooperation Plan presenting the potential for collaboration in ICT research between Europe and China to be released by the OpenChina-ICT project including a set of recommendations to policy makers on how to better foster EU-China collaboration in the future.

The Conference will focus on EU-China ICT cooperation opportunities and will build upon the results of the OpenChina-ICT project. It will include a first session on EU-China collaboration status and perspectives with the participation of other EU-China initiatives, a second session on cooperation priorities in ICT among the two regions in which the main findings of the OpenChina-ICT project will be presented with the involvement of the EU-China Expert Groups. The  third session will aim to provide recommendations and suggestions for EU-China successful ICT research cooperation and will be led by a panel discussion of experts.

Registration is free of charge but compulsory due to room capacity constraints, click here to register.