The internet is now much more than a communication system; its impacts can be felt in the socio-economic, environmental and cultural spheres. In this context, DG CORDIS’ Future Internet Research and Experimentation Initiative (FIRE) initiative was launched in 2008.

FIRE is investigating and experimentally validating innovative ideas for networking and service paradigms. Ultimately, FIRE aims to provide a framework in which European research on Future Internet can flourish and establish Europe as a key player in defining Future Internet concepts globally.

The last FP7 FIRE Call published on 10 July 2012, with a deadline of 15 January 2013. The European Commission recently released a consultation addressing the objectives, scope, and the approach of FIRE and its role in the Future Internet.

The consultation is open for input from all interested parties and aims to gather views on the role of the FIRE initiative under the Horizon 2020 funding scheme. Particularly, the consultation is looking for responses related to issues such as:

  • How could we increase the interactions/exchange between the FIRE facilities and other EU projects?
  • How could we improve the user experience when experimenting on the FIRE facilities?
  • Taking into account Digital Agenda for Europe it is needed to develop ICT for rural and remote or otherwise communication challenged areas. We propose to develop a concept of ‘smart villages’ to fill this need.

The deadline for response to the consultation is 14 September.

Following the consultation a workshop on “FIRE in Horizon 2020” will be held in Brussels on 21 September.


For more information on the consultation please visit: