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Green Digital Tool Kit

Cities across Europe are signing the Green Digital Charter which commits them to a wide range of activities towards green digital progress. The three core commitments are: running 5 large scale pilot projects, reducing their ICT carbon footprint by 30% and cooperating with other signatories.

This Toolkit helps interested cities to build on the experiences of others. Find out about sharing activities and tools to improve your green performance. Find out more information here.

Featured Activity

I-Scope - “Interoperable Smart City services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems”

City: Zagreb
Activity Type:  Monitoring
Application Area:  Other domains
Role of ICT:  Analysis / Decision making

I-SCOPE aims at providing a significant contribution to standards in the domain of smart city services, through contribution to extension and wider adoption of CityGML as key enabling open standard for 3D smart city services. I-SCOPE delivers an open source toolkit for 3D smart city services based on 3D Urban Information Models (UIM), created from accurate urban-scale geospatial information. The smart services proposed address the following three scenarios: • Improved inclusion and personal mobility of aging people and diversely able citizens. • Energy dispersion & solar energy potential assessment. • Noise mapping & simulation.

Featured Tool

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City: Manchester  |  Tool type: Business case / Argument

Implementing Broadband - Manchester

This is a proposed tool at the moment. If cities are interested in Manchester running a Twitter account sharing insights about implementing city-wide broadband including state aid issues, get in touch