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Cities across Europe are signing the Green Digital Charter which commits them to a wide range of activities towards green digital progress. The three core commitments are: running 5 large scale pilot projects, reducing their ICT carbon footprint by 30% and cooperating with other signatories.

This Toolkit helps interested cities to build on the experiences of others. Find out about sharing activities and tools to improve your green performance. Find out more information here.

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Green Computing

City: Bologna
Activity Type:  Operational
Application Area:  Green ICT
Role of ICT:  Perception / Behaviour

The municipal government of Bologna is pointing to a Green Computing policy in the management and purchase of its own electronic equipment. As part of the average energy consumption in an office, ICT systems and office facilities generally count for 9% to 15% of the total energy consumption (usually, desktop PC’s and monitors are the largest source of consumption). If the personnel switched the computers and screens off, or to stand-by mode, and were more proactive and aggressive in using functions of energy management, the energy consumption rates due to PC operations could be cut by some 40% . The experience of the Municipality is meant to be the occasion for involving other local subjects (some of which are already sensitive to this matter, as it’s been found within the debate developed in the thematic meetings of the PAES) and raising awareness in the big users of the service sector.

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City: Bologna  |  Tool type: Business case / Argument

Smart metering and Smart Grid

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