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Cities across Europe are signing the Green Digital Charter which commits them to a wide range of activities towards green digital progress. The three core commitments are: running 5 large scale pilot projects, reducing their ICT carbon footprint by 30% and cooperating with other signatories.

This Toolkit helps interested cities to build on the experiences of others. Find out about sharing activities and tools to improve your green performance. Find out more information here.

Featured Activity

Virtualisation and consolidation of servers

City: Ghent
Activity Type:  Operational
Application Area:  Green ICT
Role of ICT:  Efficiency

By systematically migrating fysical servers to virtual servers using hypervisor software, in 2013 a degree of virtualisation of 61% was achieved. Integration of decentral servers into the City's central data center and consolidation of individual file servers to one central NAS file system resulted in an estimated 20% reduction of energy use for servers since 2009. Planned for summer 2014: integration of 4 different storage systems into one common SAN. Expected electricity savings of 15% without impact on performance and capacity.

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