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Cities across Europe are signing the Green Digital Charter which commits them to a wide range of activities towards green digital progress. The three core commitments are: running 5 large scale pilot projects, reducing their ICT carbon footprint by 30% and cooperating with other signatories.

This Toolkit helps interested cities to build on the experiences of others. Find out about sharing activities and tools to improve your green performance. Find out more information here.

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Tools Related to Energy Efficiency

City: Edinburgh
Activity Type:  Operational Monitoring
Application Area:  Cross-domain
Role of ICT:  Efficiency Analysis / Decision making Perception / Behaviour Innovation / Substitution

Please see related tools for an overview of the tools and innitiatives contributing to energy efficiency in the Council and city-wide.

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Featured Tool

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City: Edinburgh  |  Tool type: Software

Tools Related to Energy Efficiency

The Council is using a carbon footprint and projects tool developed by Resource Efficient Scotland (RES). The RES tool applies an up-to-date cost/carbon conversion factor (which is updated every year) to the energy consumption data and provides a carbon estimate, a cost estimate for different elements of the Council’s energy consumption, graphs and charts for use in documents and presentations. In addition, the RES tool can illustrate potential future cost/carbon savings if information is entered on planned future projects.

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