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Green Digital Tool Kit

Cities across Europe are signing the Green Digital Charter which commits them to a wide range of activities towards green digital progress. The three core commitments are: running 5 large scale pilot projects, reducing their ICT carbon footprint by 30% and cooperating with other signatories.

This Toolkit helps interested cities to build on the experiences of others. Find out about sharing activities and tools to improve your green performance. Find out more information here.

Featured Activity

ICT for public transportation

City: Murcia
Activity Type:  Governance
Application Area:  Transport
Role of ICT:  Perception / Behaviour

To motivate more people to use public transportation instead of driving their own cars, a number of ICT solutions have been implemented in the city. Available on a web site or by using a mobile application, travelers can enjoy of the following services: - payment of public transport using mobile phone (NFC System) - real time information service about expected arrival of urban buses to the stops, using mobile phone (bluetooth and SMS) - taxi booking through mobile phones

Featured Tool

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City: Manchester  |  Tool type: Business case / Argument

Low Carbon Delivery Plan - ICT

Each dept of Manchester needs to have a plan for reducing carbon delivery. This is the ICT department plan.