Wang Shaoyu presenting the digital agenda of the City of Yantai

The NiCE project hosted a session on ‘Green Digital Agenda in Smart Cities – European and Chinese cities leading by examples’ during the East-Meets-West congress and exhibition on innovation and entrepreneurship in Cyprus on 1-4 September. Organised by the European Office of Cyprus under the Cypriot presidency, the event aimed to promote and implement new tools for effective collaboration between business and academia.

The session was moderated by Luc Bas, European office director of The Climate Group, and included an introduction to the NiCE project and Green Digital Charter and a presentation of the EU-China partnership by Pedro Ballesteros Torres from the European Commission. The cities of Manchester, Amsterdam and Yantai presented their green digital activities, highlighting common approaches and cooperation strategies. European and Chinese smart cities were able to share visions of green digital development, discuss best practice and exchange information on achieving substantial, sustainable results on a global scale. The session was important for deepening the EU-China cooperation under the NiCE project.

Documents from event (including session agenda and presentations)


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