Cities will soon be able to organize green digital study tours under the NiCE project.

Study tours consist of a one to three day visit to a host city, during which visitors are shown green digital measures that the host is undertaking to fulfill their commitments to the Green Digital Charter. They are knowledge transfer schemes that offer the possibility for site visitors to interact with key local stakeholders and see how projects are implemented in reality. (More information)

During the study tour, visiting participants (officers and/or politicians) are able to learn from the host city by means of short presentations, site visits and peer-to-peer discussions.The success of a study tour is measured by a meaningful exchange of best practices, and mutual learning; both the visiting and host cities can be inspired by the others’ experiences and expertise. The final aim is that the visitor leaves with fresh ideas and renewed vigour to implement green digital projects in their own city.

Study tours fall under the second area of action of the NiCE project: exchange and learning activities. In line with this, NiCE has developed a Study Tour catalogue, presenting the offers from nine Charter signatories who have agreed to host visits in their cities.


Have a look at cities’ offers on the Green Digital Charter Study Tour Catalogue!

If you are interested in hosting a study tour, have a look also at our Resource Pack with information for hosts.