Short videosIn an effort to present the Green Digital Charter (GDC) in a more comprehensive way and give the floor to cities that have already signed it,  a set of 5 short videos has been released and can be watched through the home page of the GDC website (

The first four short videos answer to simple questions about the Green Digital Charter:

  1. Why sign the GDC?
  2. What are your city’s ambitions in relation to the GDC?
  3. What projects is your city undertaking?
  4. What is your advice for cities that begin with the Green Digital Agenda?

The fifth short video is dedicated to the signing of the GDC along with the Covenant of Mayors  by the Mayor of Vilnius. The event that took place in EUROCITIES premises on 1st July in the presence of representatives from DG CONNECT and DG ENER.